Super Cars 2020 - An Exclusive Game to Drive in

super cars 2020

Super Cars is the name of a new video game by Electronic Arts and Criterion Games. It has been confirmed that the game will be coming out in early 2020. The game features an open world city like Los Angeles, which is based on real-life Los Angeles. This city of Los Angeles has got everything to make the player feel like a celebrity and a super car enthusiast.


Supercars is going to feature high-end cars with all the latest technologies. In fact the game will have more of an emphasis on technology rather than the usual things that the other racing games have. The game will include three different categories of vehicles, namely, coupes, sports cars and SUVs. The three different categories are also divided by regions.


The cars are divided into four categories, namely: Coupes, Sports cars, SUV and Laptops. Each category has four cars in it and can be driven in any of the three categories by choosing the right car for you. The main aim of Supercars is to make the player feel like they are a celebrity in their own right. Therefore, there will be plenty of cars to choose from with various attributes and features.


One thing that makes Supercars so unique is the fact that it is going to have its own virtual showroom where the cars will be shown to the player as well as the other players who are on the same racing session. In fact the player is even allowed to drive these cars for a short period of time before they will be judged in real time. The virtual showrooms will also have real life models of the cars that will be available for you to choose from. There will be an extensive variety of cars to choose from with a huge amount of upgrades available.


The other cars that can be chosen are the luxury cars. These cars will be much more expensive to buy than the others. However, there are even better upgrades that the player can choose for their cars. The other cars available for you to purchase are; Lamborghini Huracan, Koenigsegg CCX, BMW Z8, Aston Martin Van Gogh, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes Benz, etc.


Supercars will also feature the sportiest race tracks available for you to race on in the game. The driving environment will be very similar to that of real life, and you will be able to race in some of the best venues such as the Los Angeles freeway, the Pacific Ocean Highway, Las Vegas Strip, or the Paris Motor Raceway. Other tracks that can be driven on include the Nurburgleshadi desert and the mountains. The game will also feature many more tracks that have been built in the game.