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GO R E D Exclusive Membership Club

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Subscription Service

• What is the GO R E D Membership Club?

By becoming a member of the GO R E D Exclusive Membership Club, you'll get one of our exclusive t-shirts sent to you each month automatically for a flat rate of $45 tax & shipping Included.

• Why should I join?

Where do we begin! How about. Its Exclusive, style drenched shirts. plus a free tee every year, just to put a little Icing on the cake. Its like a magazine subscription, but with much better perks, like something trendy you can actually put on your body.

• How does membership work?

By purchasing a subscription, you will receive a t-shirt shipped to you each month. Subscriptions are available on a monthly recurring basis.

• When will my orders ship?

GO R E D Exclusive Membership Club shirts will ship on the 25th of each month, and purchases made in the calendar month will receive the exclusive tee that is scheduled to ship for the following month. So, orders placed within November will have their shirts shipped on the December 25th, and all orders within December will ship January 25th, and so on.

• International subscriptions?

The GO R E D Exclusive Membership Club is not available outside of the domestic USA at this time. Sorry!

Can I opt out?

Monthly subscriptions, renewals can be cancelled at anytime. Subscriptions are prepaid in full when purchased, and no partial refunds are available.

Can I choose the specific design that I will receive?

Not at this time. Each month's tee will be auto selected and mailed to the subscribers for that month.

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We sell direct to you which enables us to avoid traditional retail fees thereby passing the savings on to you.

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100% Ethically sourced & sustainable materials. We believe in doing what's best for the planet.

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We proudly serve women and men around the world! Were confident you'll find a tee that just right for your style.